We are Pasta Masta, Sheffield based Pasta aficionado’s. Founded in Jan 2016 our aim is to bring fast, hearty boxes of Pasta with delicious & healthy homemade sauces to events and venues around the city and beyond.

Pasta, naturally, has always been our favourite food. A trip to Italy last summer got us thinking that to get Pasta of such quality and taste in the UK would involve a trip to an expensive restaurant. The price in Italy allowed us to have two main dishes every night which was amazing! This planted a seed in our heads about how we could bring great value but most importantly delicious Pasta to people back home.  Having visited & participated in events across the city as a customer and employee with a previous job we'd already noticed that for all the weird and wonderful types of food on offer, Pasta, one of the nation’s favourite dishes, was massively underrepresented if not completely absent. This grew the seed until we decided to try to create the first takeaway Pasta company!


The next step in the journey was to create our menu. It needed to be simple, customisable and cater to everyone. We settled on a simple system of choosing a type of Pasta then sauce then toppings. Over the coming months we would spend time perfecting our sauce recipe’s and methods for cooking Pasta so that it was restaurant quality when served.

Menu completed we then needed a kitchen on wheels in which to cook our delicious sauces and Pasta. Many many days of searching the net led us to our first Pasta Wagon. It wasn’t quite the elegant kitchen we needed however to fit our vision, A complete overhaul was required so we stripped it back to a shell and began rebuilding it, incorporating our restaurant style Pasta boiler, solid wood counters and stainless steel surrounds until we were left with something that we could be proud of. Tiny in stature from the outside but a fully functioning restaurant kitchen on the inside we had our Pasta Tardis wagon and we were ready to serve.


Our first event was the Highland Fling on May 2nd at Graves Park, a fantastic day until the heavens opened at lunch and never stopped but we had a blast, delivered some tasty food receiving a great reception and some great reviews. Since then we haven’t looked back and it has been a whirlwind few months.